Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Are you ready to show off with Mens Mesh Underwear? - Know more

Do you know anything about men's mesh underwear? Well, some of you are almost there by guessing that they’re something like lace fabric but that’s not the entire truth. The respective men’s underwear category is what makes the manhood feel absolutely stunning by letting it breathe well. Do you still seek comfort in the conventional men’s underwear styles? Gone are the times once those apparels were the sole possibility in men’s underwear. Time has modified. Men became additional conscious of their requirements when it comes to below the belt. Till when can you wear an equivalent men’s underwear for each occasion? Strive one thing new, try the variety of mesh underwear for men. Mesh covers, what it's purported to the cover, however, the twist is once it's partly gauzy.

Mesh Underwear

Men's mesh underwear styles aren't solely attractive and provocative, conjointly contains a sensible side to be spot-on. These don't seem to be solely revolutionary for the 'look' they provide, however, they're conjointly nice for comfort. Mesh, which suggested by the internet that could be a super soft material for the radical level of comfort and glorious breathe-ability. It works sort of a personal air conditioning for your privates in summers.

The mesh underwear for men is obtainable in such a large style of designs starting from boxers, briefs for men to male thongs, men’s g-string underwear, and more. The add on advantage is that these are often worn everyday or for specific functions. Go slipping into these pairs for those intimate evening is clearly understood, however, it's price mentioning that mesh underwear for men are often worn within the workplace (for comfort) and even for gymnasium and activities that involve physical strength. Once you’re exerted, they're going to keep you cool and breathable for fast drying. They're changing into the foremost most popular selection for each day wear.

Men's thong

Picking the right brand for yourself is a challenge but when you choose the right one that appeals to you in terms of comfort, sensuality, style and more, you’re good to go. The underwear styles are incredibly attractive, very trendy and fully titillating. The primary look may leave you speculative if the tasteful pouch is sensible or not. Worry not, they do not look smart however are extremely dependable too. In fact, pouch underwear for men is also a part of this category.

The material most typically incorporated in creating these masterpieces is cotton or cotton blends, nylon, fabric with fabric. These materials are used for his or her various characteristics to suit the sensitive skin of the personal areas. Another side that raises your desirableness is that the line of colors employed in the merchandise. each hole provides plenty of effort in selecting colors that match men’s style and moods.

A point to be noted here is that, if you would like to induce the particular attractive feel of your mesh underwear, opt for the correct size. the right size won't solely confine place, however conjointly loves you back. The inappropriate match spoils the mood, be it yours or your partners. Avoid doing that.

This article throws light on men's mesh underwear and its importance.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Why need Men's Boxer Brief Underwear?

The collection of men's boxer brief underwear has been there for so long. Men have been looking for numerous underwear for men that provide both comfort and sex appeal. Boxer briefs for men are the ones that are blended together and are an outcome of the stunning styles - men’s brief underwear and boxers for men. The style was like the answers to the prayers of men when they wanted both comfort and style

Intymen Pouch Boxer White

So, the reasons why you need men's boxer brief underwear are certainly the ones that you must know. Find the reasons below in the blog.

The undying support in men's boxer brief underwear

I once wanted to be a model and started my career with posing for the men's fashion underwear. Well, I left the profession and finally got into writing but will always love the times when I posed with boxer brief underwear. The support that the designer underwear style offer not only the manhood but also to the thighs and the butts, is what makes the difference. Men's boxer brief underwear holds the goods in place and out of sight.

The stability offered in men's boxer brief underwear

Intymen Pouch Mini Boxer Royal Blue

You know that boxers have always been known to bunch up and ride up in the trousers, right? Well, boxer briefs for men are definitely the ones that opposite of the same. The sexy pouch underwear for men style sticks in one place without moving around below the belt. The pouch of the apparel style makes sure your manhood stays in place whether contouring or enhancing the manhood’s position. The elastic waistband keeps a strong hold on the body to avoid movement and clotting of fabric at one place.

The containment offered by men's boxer brief underwear

Intymen Sport Boxer Red

Have you ever seen the option of a fly on the boxer briefs? Well, that was long ago when the brand invested in fly making the manhood airy and accessible. However, now the style contains that manhood in full form and encourages men to go up and above. Boxer briefs by various brand don't have this selection. This can be nothing new concerning it. The whole doesn't incorporate the choice to electrify men to travel up and on top of additionally on keeping everything along. The pouch is ready-made to come on the male anatomy. Boxer Briefs use the rather more effective and easy Y-front.

Why do you need boxer briefs for men?

Monday, 14 January 2019

Endure your style with Mens Jockstraps

Men!! When was the last time you checked your men’s underwear drawer and found that you need to change or give a makeover to your closet? Which style do you prefer most? Do you have all the different men’s underwear styles for yourself or are you the who sticks to one of the styles and never let go of it?

intymen jockstrap

Well, in both the cases, there’s a men’s enhancing underwear style that you need to have a look at the collection of mens jockstraps for yourself. When you are looking for jockstrap underwear for men, you know that you get the best of comfort, enhancement, support and a lot more that want your apparel style to provide your manhood as well as your personality.


In the past years, jockstrap underwear for men has made major shifts in the fashion industry. If you take a closer look, you’d find that the style came into fashion through the bicycle riders and got lost with no notice because of the exposure that they provide to the sports people. Well, that was one story, but then when mens jockstraps made a comeback, the style promised to never leave the industry again and was made sure that they were more of a fashionable commodity rather a sport’s gear in the first place. Today, there are plenty of styles, colors, and cuts to choose from when you take a closer look at the inventory of jockstraps for men. In fact, styles have become so bold, that you can choose from men’s mesh underwear, that gives to more visibility and breathability below the belt. Whether you are a man who wears boxers, briefs for men or somewhere in between, knowing the right styles to choose from can make all the difference in making the shopping experience less daunting.

intymen mens jockstraps

If you haven’t yet experienced how jockstraps for men make you feel, you need to invest in them right away. They are everything about making you feel secure by keeping the manhood in place of men’s pouch underwear, providing the comfort that you desire day-in-day-out and a lot more.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Why buy Pouch Underwear? - Things you should know

With a gamut of choices in men’s underwear (and adding with the passage of time), it is getting quite difficult and confusing as of which style to adopt. However, the changes that are being made and we are witnessing them are some of those which are quite beneficial for the male anatomy as well as our personality in total.

Intymen Pouch Mini Boxer

One such style is mens pouch underwear. Often termed as the one that protrudes the male anatomy, pouch undergarments are often bought in the wrong way because of the not-so-appropriate-information.

There are certain reasons for which you should invest in these if you really want to get the best of personality. Following are the reasons.

  • Defines your personality: It is more like when you say that - the base should be strong if you want the building to stand tall. When you define your personality with something definitive on the inside, the outfits will automatically look good on you. With a protruded pouch, the manhood looks defined on the outside.
  • Keep the focus where it should be: When you know that you should look like the person with a certain appeal, you dress well. Likewise, when you want yourself as a person to be the attraction and the center of attention, your defining pouch lays down a base where all the eyeballs would focus and want to stay right there. Hence, it retains the attention.
  • Keeps you in the right health: Chafing, abrasions, rashes, infections and other problems happen because of our own mistakes. One needs to be careful while taking decisions that lead to the good or the bad of your male anatomy. Hence, when the pouch stays upright without letting the manhood rub against the fabric or even the bare skin of the legs, life feels sorted out and comfortable.
  • Are available in multitudes of styles: When you think of pouch underwear, you can choose every possible style available to you. From men’s briefs, the range goes all the way to thong underwear and bikinis for men too. You can pick something that comforts you and your personality.

With these reasons, you actually should invest in a pair. 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

A guide to mixing & matching your underwear with outfit

Have you been wondering about how should you team up your men’s underwear with your outfits? You might have a read a lot about how important it is to pick your intimate wear with your outfits, but have you ever tried doing the same - like in the real world?

Men's fashion

I have seen men (in my friend circle) who read a lot about undergarments but end up picking the same old pair of men’s briefs for themselves at the end of the day. They love what I write, but you see practicing is way more difficult than preaching. Hence, it all comes back to how you do it.  

So, we’re here to solve your problem.

This blog lays down the art of mixing and matching your inner wear with your outfits.
  • The suit with mesh fabric: 

    Crazy, isn’t it? We know how it is to feel the suit on the body. The authoritative feeling with the gentleman-thing is definitely the right feeling for you. What about adding mens mesh underwear with the same? The feeling would turn into a sexier version of how it is happening down there. Now you’ll also have the charming touch to the same.

    Intymen Classic Mesh Boxer
  • Casual jeans with boxer briefs:

    Now, that’s what you need when you are out for something on a regular basis. A pair of boxer brief underwear is the best resort for your casual jeans and Polo shirt look. It keeps you in one place without making the underwear lines showing through the fit of the denim jeans.
    Intymen Mythical Boxer trunk
  • Shorts with thongs:

    Alluring as it sounds, thong underwear for men sounds off-the-hook?? Well, sometimes it is good to be over the edge with something extraordinary. With a pair of shorts that men love, thongs would be the ideal way of letting the air pass through more freely down there. What do you think?

    Intymen Fill-It Mesh Thong
  • Leather pants with pouch underwear:

    Pouch underwear for men is quite popular for its enhancing traits. Think about the ultra hot combination when the tight leather will cover your assets and the protruded bulge will pop out. Wouldn’t it add to your sex appeal and support? Try them and see!!

    Intymen Burnout Pouch Brief
What would you want to try? Do let us know in the comments below.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Planning a Solo Getaway? 7 Things you should Pack

Men has an irresistible love for adventure. While trekking and mountain climbing is fun, traveling all alone to a distant and unknown place is even more adventurous and fun. Traveling alone is the dream of most adventure-seeking men. Are you one of them? Would you like to explore a new place without anyone else’s company? Listed below are some of the things that you need to pack along with you. Gear yourself up with these stuff and enjoy the beauty of traveling.


  • Money belt: 

    The money belt is one of the basic essential when you are traveling alone. This is the best way to keep the money safe. Keep the cash and cards in the money belt. While anyone can get a hand on your backpack while you are traveling, the money bag will stay in front of your eyes. This is a convenient option for keeping the cash and things like passport and identity proof safe even while you are sleeping. Check the material of the bag. It should be made up of tough leather, but should be lightweight at the same time. 
Money belt

  • First aid kit: 

    Since you’ll be all by yourself, make sure that you have all the medicines ready for the times of emergency. Remember to keep the pills for flu, stomach and head ache along with the medicine for indigestion and stuff like that. The kit should have mosquito repellent, bandages and antiseptic lotions. Along with the spray for muscles pull and aching bones are a must in case you are going for any sort of an adventurous trip.   
 First aid kit
  • Guide book and magnetic compass: 

    While the technological advancements have made our lives easier, they are not always reliable. The network may fail and the device may stop working at times. So, go for the conventional ways. Make sure that you keep the guide book of the place along with magnetic compass and things of this sort along with you. Asking the locals to navigate the path may be risky at times. So, avoid doing this as much as possible and try to locate your way through the map.   

Guide book and magnetic compass
  • One dress shirt and some t-shirts:

    Try to keep the luggage as handy as possible. Do not stuff unnecessary clothing with you. Just keep one t-shirts for each day of the trip. Along with this, one dress shirt is important in case there is a need. Choose the tees appropriately. It should match with the most of the bottoms. Along with this, check the weather the place where you are planning the trip. In case, it’s rainy remember to keep raincoat jackets with you. For hilly areas, keeps some warm clothes in case it gets chilly in the evening. 

T- shirt

  • Bottoms: 

    You’ll be wearing a pair of jeans, trouser or chinos. So, along with it, two pair of pants are more than enough. It actually depends on the number days for which you are planning the trip. Moreover, make sure that you select the dark shades only. The lighter ones will get stained easily. Along with this, keep a stock of men’s underwear, one for each day and couple of pair extra. The athletic underwear like the boxer briefs and jockstraps are ideal options for trekking and hiking. The fabric of the underwear should be lightweight and airy, in order to keep your manhood dry. 


  • Shaving kit: 

    Grooming should not be ignored even when you on a getaway. Since you are traveling along, keep the shaving kit along with you. Do not get the shaving done at the barber shop as you’ll have to leave your luggage unsupervised. The kit should include an aftershave lotion and moisturizer along with the shaving cream and razor.   
Shaving kit
  • Miscellaneous items: 

    Along with the above-mentioned basic essentials, the accessories such as sunglasses, trekking shoes and wristwatches are a must. Rock the tan in a stylish Hawaiian t-shirt and broad, in case you are going to a beach. Keeping some reading materials for the times when you have nothing to do. Keep some dry bags along with you. This will prevent your essentials and gadgets from moisture. 

Miscellaneous items

Were these points helpful? Share your experience of solo traveling with us in the comments below.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Instagrammers who are rocking the fashion world

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and much more are one of the famous social platforms that allow people to keep their friends updated. Celebrities are no less when it comes to social networking. They allow a glimpse of their life to the fans. Some of them post the pictures in such a way that makes us an inspiration to be a fashionista. From sexy swimwear to classic tuxedos, below are seven such hot stars who made it to the expert level. Scan on to find out. 
  • Ricky Martin: 

    Enrique Martín Morale, commonly known as Ricky Martin, is a Puerto Rican singer, actor, and author. The multi-talented person began his career at age 12 who is now rocking the world with his hits. The actor is no less when it comes to fashion. He loves flaunting his well-toned body which has manly tattoos.

Ricky Martin

  • Josh Duhamel: 

    Josh Duhamel, one of the main protagonists in four of the Transformers films, posted an image with a luxury suits. He is seen sitting on a super bike to which he mentioned that it was one of the perks of his career. The well-groomed actor looked hot in the attire.

Josh Duhamel

  • Ian Somerhalder: 

    Ian Somerhalder aka Damon looks hot on almost whatever he dons. The father-to-be once donned a formal suit in a casual way for the Montblanc release at London. The attire enhanced his appearance in a very smart way.

Ian Somerhalder

  • Francisco Lachowski: 

    Francisco Lachowski is Brazilian model who was awarded as the Ford Men's Supermodel of the World in São Paulo in 2008. He keeps his fans updated with the latest clicks. However, he posted a photo long time back with his waistband popping out. He could have donned the men’s pouch underwear. The low-rise men’s underwear would have helped him to hide the embarrassment Additionally, it would have also presented an impressive profile down there. 

Francisco Lachowski

  • Neil Patrick Harris: 

    Neil Patrick Harris, the American actor, comedian, magician, and singer is primarily known for his comedy roles on television and his dramatic and musical stage roles. He is happily married to his longtime boyfriend who has two cute kids now. The actor posts pictures on Instagram which proves that not only him, his whole family keeps an eye on the fashion meter. The post on Father’s day was extremely beautiful where all of them were dressed in their best.  

    Neil Patrick Harris

Above are some of the hot stars who are ruling the Instagram in terms of fashion. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the above blog. If you feel that someone has been missed out then, please leave your comments on the section below.